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This Sunday we have 2 amazing games feature both new and old armies!

Game 1

Game one see’s channel newcomers Stormmer1 and Goudamusprime fight for the honor of their factions. Both of these combatants are rocking new codexes as well as channel firsts with their armies. Will Stormmer1 win with his Adeptus Mechanicus or will Goudamusprime grind his gears to dust with his Ork Waagh!

Game 2

Game two see’s two channel veterans fight it out to see who can come out on top. We have Xenion11 who recently took the channel lead with his Iron hands, face off against Mr_E773 and his Adeptus Custodes. Will Xenion11 keep his lead? Or will the emperor’s finest knock the new champion down a peg!

Watch live at 1pm AST at