Our League is Yearly and runs from January 1st to December 31st of the same year.

House Rules

  1. Neutral Dice only
  2. One Mulligan per game
  3. Additional Mulligans require a $5.00 Donation to Extra Life.
  4. All dice rolled must be in the Dice Tray. If they jump out of the dice tray box, they must be rerolled.
  5. Lists are to be entered the day before the stream starts, and cannot be modified the day of the stream.
  6. Terrain Rules are determined before the stream starts, but will be discussed on camera before the game.
  7. Missions are typically played from the current Grand Tournament package.

Stream Requirements

If you live in Nova Scotia and you are interested in being on our show, please fill out the following form, and one of our admins will reach out to you via email to see if we can set up a game!

  1. Models must follow the Grand Tournament package requirements. (Based, painted, etc). If the models don’t meet those expectations it will cost you 10 Victory Points in the game.
  2. Lists cannot exceed 2000 points. (unless the game requires it)
  3. Knowledge of your army although not a hard requirement, is expected so the game doesn’t go unreasonably long.
  4. Proxies are okay within reason (eg: Rubric Marine is equipped with Warp Flamer, but you want to use a Inferno Bolt gun, etc.).
  5. By agreeing to be on stream, you are allowing us to broadcast on Twitch and store our VODS on Youtube & Twitch.
  6. Most importantly, have fun. We are a chill group of people and we are all very passionate about this hobby.